It's Bizzle here, I am back after a looong time away from the forum. I have been MIA because I have been working on myself in other aspects of my life. I have been learning about lfie coaching and have become obsessed with mindfulness and meditation. My goal is to one day teach mindfulness to people. Boy is it needed in today's world. I'm going to keep the initial review short and to the point, any questions, feel free to attach it to the thread.

This is my review of the skype training program:

I took the training program during the summer of 2017. That summer, my life fucking changed. I am attending college at Boston University and I am currently a senior. Where did all the time go?

I'll start with the basics. "Jonathan M.T.'s program turned me from a "proper" and polite, societally acceptable boy, into a dominant, sexy and expressive man. Since taking the training, I have been laid more than I can keep track of.

The drills he had me do FORCED me to improve. within the first week I was already expressing myself better and women were taking notice of me in my classes. You do these drills every day, and they get ingraned into who you are. The most incredible part for me was the development of presence. That is the foundation for seduction (and life, for that matter). Its the glue that holds everything together and the inner game that manifests itself in how you act.

GAME IS LIFE: This is an incredible takaway I got from the training. I realized that seduction was about self-expression, charisma, self control, leadership, and dominance. these are all LIFE skills, not just skills to get laid. When this realization was made, I became obsessed with self development in every aspect of my life, and you damn well should be too. You only live one life, might as well make it the damn best it can be.

In this program, you learn by doing, you learn by action, and there are no excuses. "Jonathan M.T. is strict and will hold you accounable for completing the exercises. This is what makes the program such a success. He is a mentor, a guide and a drill sargent all in one, and this combination makes you take action and MAKES you improve. It's incredible.

The vocal training is world class. "Jonathan M.T. gives you the training you need to create a sexy, commanding, and smooth voice. After a few weeks of the vocal training I would talk and women would turn their heads to see who had just spoken. It is incredibly powerful.

PHYSICAL ESCALATION: Wow, this one's special. The way "Jonathan M.T. teaches escalation is different than anybody. I am able to meet a woman, and start escalating physically with her faster than I ever did before. Fractionation changes the game, and the control points make a woman feel intense and sexual.

HIDDEN BENIFITS: This program not only improved my dating life, it also improved my social life as a whole. Men respect me more, my fraternity brothers see me as a leader, and people show up to the events and parties I throw. These are all the added benifits of learning to express yourself verbally, vocally, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In addition, I now have a toolbox that I can open at anytime. I can keep doing the drills (and I still do), re-read the email exchanges, and live the program over and over agian as needed.

Thank you "Jonathan M.T., thank you, thank you, thank you. I am forever grateful for the changes he has made in my life.

Now, onward, there are ladies to seduce!!
– Big Bizzle - Former alumni