I have been around pick up community for about 2 years before I decided to try out "Jonathan M.T. Skype coaching. Before being coached by MW, I pretty much read every bit of information and watched any kind of video on pickup that I could find. The funny thing is.. I didn't put anything that I learned into actual real life situation. There was something missing, I didn't see myself as the guy who could be successful with women. I haven't approached a single woman in those two years. It was way outside my reality.

So who am I? I am 23 year old guy who never had many experience socialising, I spent my teen years in front of a computer basically. I was always shy and insecure, wasn't able to shoot the shit with guys, couldn't get people to respect me, I didn't have much self trust and I would let others dictate to me who I was. I was always quiet in social situations, nervous around girls. I was a virgin until 3 weeks ago because I couldn't believe women would want to have sex with me, I even turned down sex on few occasions, and not only that, I didn't even have a makeout! I was messed up internally.

The reason why I decided to try out "Jonathan M.T. coaching was because the fact that he doesn't advertise it like all the others would. He is merely offering his services and it's your chance of a lifetime to be coached by him. And from what I experienced during his coaching, I can say that it really is the best thing you can ever invest in. I don't have much money since I am a student, but I assure you I don't regret a single dollar for what I got out of his training.

Every student has his own experience of it, but for me personally it wasn't just becoming better with girls, It was a boost in every area of my life. I always felt like a little boy, like I wasn't a man yet... after a couple of sessions that false belief quickly changed.

Before my first night going out solo and sober, I was infront of computer talking to MW and when I made the decision to go out, I panicked and started to come up with everything that could go wrong, after all I never went out on my own and I was scared. It was to the point where I actually started crying. Jon calmed me down and shifted my mood to feeling like a king. I was on my way to the club in capital city where I approached 2 by far the hottest girls in the venue on that evening and then I did a few other approaches. I was very proud of myself for mustering up the courage to do that.

His drills change you as a person, there's no doubt about that. I barely recognise myself anymore. Sometimes I will be talking and say something awesome and wonder where that came from... then I remember that I took the coaching lol. "Jonathan M.T. is highly qualified individual and Is able to figure out exactly in what areas you need to work on in just a few seconds of listening to you speak, then he gives you drills for the week. The drills work in a way where your brain is put into an unknown situation, and the more you practice them, the more natural they become to you. Not to mention you feel like a total BOSS after the sessions.

Soon after starting with my drills I noticed my social experience completely change, guys were seeking my authority and approval and wanted to build rapport with me, girls were all giggly and were visibly attracted and liked my vibe and I loved the feeling of knowing that I am finally on the right path. I got in touch with my inner badass, my inner superstar. Today I had a female customer call me sexy.

He wanted me to get a whiteboard so I could keep up with my busy schedule. At the time I had some financial problems and he actually refunded me 15 dollars out of my deposit for coaching. – Now that's a sign of a person who actually cares about his students, I mean where else could you see this?

3 weeks ago I pulled some Italian chick from this club and fucked her in public in some dark hallway lol. (Not to mention we were caught in the act) She said she's gonna brag to her friends that she laid me. That same night I went in for my first makeout with some blonde chick and got refused, even the fact I got refused I still felt money just for having the guts to do that. The second girl who I tried to go for the makeout was the Italian chick who I laid. The crazy thing about this is that I only spoke to her like 10 minutes in total before getting with her. But I was very aware of the situation and could recognise that It's go time. I wasn't nervous one bit, It all felt so natural.

The above actually happened while I was in a foreign country, but I live in a small town and don't really have any decent places to go out to. If I did, my results would be even better.
– Virgin Programmer