Trainer Note: Nor Cal I first encountered "Jonathan M.T. awhile back when I saw his 21 Convention Speech. I liked his style, in particular because it was so unapologetically masculine and dominant. To me he was someone who was truly unaffected by his environment. I knew I had to learn this.

Awhile later I decided to get serious with learning success with women and came back to "Jonathan M.T.'s site. I never thought that paying exorbitant amounts of money for a bootcamp would benefit me very much but the idea of a weekly skype session greatly appealed to me. I was hoping I could learn the demeanor that I had seen so well illustrated in his videos.

I got everything I asked for and much more from "Jonathan M.T. I’ve seen an incredible amount of progress. When I say no one has influenced my development more than he has besides my family than "Jonathan M.T. has I mean it. This training is no joke. It’s more than just picking up girls with him. He teaches you how to be a more effective leader, how to be a better man, and how to truly take charge of your life and be the person you want to be despite what those around and what society will say.

Here are the improvements, I’ve made at least with women. Before our first session I was nursing one of the worst dry spells of all time. For 8 months I had only had sex with one mediocre girl who I didn’t even like and I just couldn’t seem to get back up to even the moderate success I had in college. Within just a few weeks I already had my first pull and then within two months I had a streak where I pulled four girls in one week. After that I started getting hotter and hotter girls with a new one once every other week. Now I get a new chick every week and at a minimum when I go out I’ll get a couple makeouts and a quality #.

These are the external results but the internal ones are much more powerful. If I make a mistake now, I know why it happened and how to recover from it. I am able to exercise extreme leadership when I am out and act appropriately in many different types of social situations. I am no longer fazed by crazy situations that arise when I go out. Whatever happens I can handle it.

When "Jonathan M.T. coaches you he really delves into the issues that are hurting you. He will give you drills that will solve them and shows you where and how to improve. Almost every time during the first two months I was wrong about the issues I THOUGHT were hurting my game. MT Jonathan showed me the real problems and their solutions.

As I said before it wasn’t just my skills with women that have improved over the course of this training, it has been much more. He showed me how to start my own website and make money from it. He taught me how to handle absurd situations appropriately. He showed me how to be a true leader in social situations. He taught me how to hold myself accountable. He showed me how wrong everything is about society’s general concept of attraction, sex, relationships and leadership. He showed me that you don’t have to think the way you were brought up, you can be much more that.

To put it bluntly the training has life changing. I am not unique, if you do his training, have a willingness to learn, and put in the work THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU TOO.
– "TheSingleGuy" Former alumni