What's up amigos? Just finished "Jonathan M.T.s Skype training and want to give him mad props for taking my game up several levels!

How can the program be summarized? On the scale from one to five I would give it approximately seven. Or eight. No exaggeration, this is a single best seduction program by a mile and I went through a few. In fact this is the only program which gave real and lasting results. Did I say it was the best investment I ever done? It certainly was.

The program went far deeper in my experience than just seduction it importantly rewired my self image and day in and day out sense of self. Not to discount the plephora of sexy times I gained thanks to the program, but seduction first starts with the deep feeling of self worth and confidence and then projecting it on others including women. Guess what, "Jonathan M.T.s program made me understand and importantly feel what confidence truly is. Just think about it 38 years old did not understand what confidence really is until lately. They should make "Jonathan M.T.s classes in my high school it would be way better for the kids than history and writing. Think about it, autocorrect can fix your poor writing skills but who the fuck is going to calibrate your confidence and self image?

One thing why I really trusted the program is when I understood how "Jonathan M.T.s views women in a positive, supportive, caring and empowering way and not sort of preying and using other people attitude so many alternative programs position themselves. Don't get me wrong women are not angels and I am not talking about "Jonathan M.T. being lovey dovey with a next entitled brat, but having been chastised by "Jonathan M.T. for making embarrassing video of a girl (I had a threesome and I recorded it but the video wasn't empowering for the girl and "Jonathan M.T. crushed me on it) made me really realize how much positivity and respect "Jonathan M.T. has to women and how the program positions the student along the right dominants of society values.

One thing one must really realize coming to the program is that there will be the change in the way your brain is going to work, in the way you are going to feel and in the way women will be feeling around you and importantly how happy your dick will be. That dick will be so happy that be prepared to be the busiest person in your life. I had so much good quality pussy after the program that I had to miss out on my friends and my work ( in the end I learned to bring girls to have fun with my friends too). The entire time during and after the program was a total whirl of dates and pussy far better quality I could imagine before. I wouldn't say I learned how to lay models on a regular basis and honestly a lot of my game needs major improvements but there was a very distinct and measurable change in my game which brought real results.

A few examples from a recent history.

1. I went to a strip club and picked up a porn star style girl with G tits and made onion shape ass. Lots of silicone whoo-hoo! We spent two days together doing all kinds of things and she was falling in love with me. I don't think I ever fucked so much in my life in those two days!

2. I went on a tinder date with a hottie and guess what she said she is coming with a friend. I thought it was a joke but she did come with a friend. Guess what I charmed them both we had the greatest time, went to a club after and I pulled the hottie home for some good times all night long.

3. I went out with a beautiful girl who gave me complete shit yentire drink ruining the energy and being complete show stopper. Mind you she was hot as fire and everyone in restaurant was checking her out. Just because I knew exactly what to do and especially HOW to do it I pulled her to my hotel and had one of the best and intimate banging for a while. By the way did I mention that now about 50% of girls I lay have orgasms? To be fair may be they act, but in any case before the program a rare girl would have it with me especially not on first -second night.

4. I have two girlfriends right now not to mention a large number of side chics to the point is that I can easily have fun with yet another girl every day. Both girlfriends are WAY out of the league I was able to enter in the past. One totally knows about the fact that I play around and the second does not know only because she lives kinda far and we don't see each other that often for us to have this discussion. Every time I go anywhere with them it's a head turner for both guys and girls but the beautiful thing I know exactly how to handle myself like the suave king in this situations so it's totally natural social dynamic. By the way, speaking of my second girlfriend, she gave me head on the first date on the corner of two major streets in Manhattan ‪at 11 pm‬ or so. Guys were passing by and like WTF? But she knew she looked sexy as fuck doing it for me in front of te whole world and she was happy about it. Guess what program built the foundations and have me necessary tactics to pull this off? You got it, "Jonathan M.T.s Skype program.

I am am signing up for the boot camp now

– "RuskoMafia" Former alumni