I’ve been training with "Jonathan M.T. for 2 months and I’ve just committed to 2 more months. I’ve seen many instructors run bootcamps infield and whenever I see a bootcamp I try to listen in on what's going on. I could think of 8+ instructors off the top of my head that I have stalked around the club. The quality of training that's being offered by "Jonathan M.T. is unmatched by any of them. When I signed up for "Jonathan M.T.’s training I was looking to improve my verbals. What is different about this training is that it’s focused on developing your verbal conversational skills as well as other pick up skills over time. I know there is value in a bootcamp but no bootcamp is going to improve my verbals significantly over the course of 2-3 nights. "Jonathan M.T. prescribes daily drills that’ll train your brain to never run out of things to say have the girl rapt in what you’re saying. Over the course of 2 months he took me from night after night of not being able to approach a single person in the club, after a hiatus from the game, to getting a lay and consistently approaching to the hottest girl in the club. After a session with "Jonathan M.T. addressing my sticking point it’s as if the sticking point never existed. He gave me a solution to how to talk to hotter girls which was a sticking point that I’ve had since I started years ago. It was so simple that I was skeptical that it would work well. But when I tried it during that weekend I’ve been consistently approaching the hottest girls in the club ever since. I got a lay about half way through month 2 of the training and I was really just using all the drills and physical escalation pointers that "Jonathan M.T. had taught me up until that point. Right now my game is the best it has ever been. It’s better than when I was going out 7 nights a week without any training. Because I’m busy as fuark at work, I’ve only been going out only 2 nights a week while training under "Jonathan M.T. and I’m seeing lots of progress from week to week. For the time and money invested, I’ve dramatically flattened the learning curve and have gotten massive results. "Jonathan M.T.’s Skype training is the best investment I have made for my pick up career. If you’re serious about improving your game, I highly recommend you give it a try I’m glad I did
– Gordon - Former alumni