"Skype Coaching: From Zero to Hero

Ok the title is a bit deluding. I wasn't a complete zero in life, but I used to be a zero with girls. After banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out how to get women, approaching thousands of them and having no results to show for it I decided to give Jon's coaching a try. To give an example: I had periods where I went out 8+ hours a day for weeks, approaching thousands of women, reading about pickup a ton, getting no results to show for it (2 lays in 2 years)...Compared to now after the training?Had sex with 9 girls in 5 months. Those weren't some drunk one night stands nor some "wait 2 months until she let's you sleep with her". Almost all of them were sex on the first date, with some girls it took only 30 min to have sex with her, with other girls it took the whole evening. Also just fucked 2 girls in a week (1 is a local beauty/makeup blogger) and got 3 other girls that I am gonna bang real soon.

In the first skype call session he found a lot of sticking points that I needed to work on, I had a lot of fundamental sticking points that I never even knew, Jon helped me with fixing those problems. In following sessions we worked on: how to be better at approaching, how get laid on dates, sexual escalation (so you actually get laid every time a girl is at your place), we also worked on humor and vocal projection. What also really helped me was follow up game (texting, calling girls). I used to have a lot of flakes and no dates...not anymore.

I took a bootcamp and watched hotseat a couple of times and Jon's coaching has helped me the most. I am not saying those other products are bad or anything, but I liked how the coaching is more long term, every week you give Jon details about what you did. We then talk about what I need to fix/work on and then I get "home work". Because of this structure the coaching is more "tailored". Also the drills were really good for developing/improving specific areas of your game (tonality, humor, verbal game, etc...). I think he's probably the best at sexual/physical escalation and follow up game...combine those 2 things and you get "getting laid on almost all of your dates".

My dating life/sex life has changed immensely because of him...Will definitively come back for more coaching in future (if it is still available).
– "Chinaboy" Former alumni