DRILLS-BASED Training...NOT “PUA Therapy”

Enroll In An Accelerated Seduction Training Program Run By A Top Neuro-Cognitive Scientist

Private Training Sessions Every Week Over Skype With A World Class Coach
“It was the best money I ever spent on myself.”
– Greg O’Gallagher, CEO Kinobody.com
“His drills change you as a person. I barely recognize myself anymore. Sometimes I will be talking and say something awesome and wonder where that came from… then I remember that I took the coaching lol…” (2014)
“After training with Rsd for TWO YEARS, going on SIX bootcamps and only sleeping with TWO women the entire time, I signed up for mw.org’s 3 month coaching program and slept with 11 girls in 33 days” (2014)

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    Raise Your Game With:

    • Exclusive Conversational Creativity Drills
    • Teasing/Shaping/
    • Qualifying/Comedy/
    • Intimacy & "Sexualization"
    • Enhanced Vocal Development
    • World Class Physical Seduction Training
    • Active Mindfulness/Meditation Drills

    Rewire Your Brain To Get Women Naked In Your Bed

    That's a bit of a bold statement, but it speaks to something very innate and truthful about the height of human experience. It doesn't matter where you get to in life, pursuing and being intimate with women is still at the top of the list. It's also a very intricate and compelling set of personnel and logistics skills that imbues you with a level of social acuity and unspoken presence that is very difficult to match for the vast majority of society.

    There's a lot of mediocre people out there that attempt to hate on the activities of those fortunate enough to be in "the dating scene", but it's undeniable that pursuing romantic intimate experiences with women is still one of the greatest hobbies, lifestyles and avenues/pursuits of happiness ever devised. And I can tell you quite matter of factly after having dated neuroscientists, military officers, accountants, bankers, corporate professionals; and been intimate with hundreds of women, that everybody's into it.

    I've been running this training since 2011, before that I was guest instructing on dozens of bootcamps with the likes of Natural Tim, Tyler, Jeff, Julien, Sasha DG, and seducing women in the company of the world's best for years. It was honestly a very unique environment. Take the world's best seducers, and make them all hang out together weekend after weekend for years. I'm curious if there'll be anything quite like that ever again.

    This is TRAINING, Not Therapy

    A lot of dating coaches sell students on the idea and prospect of "getting more sex", but actually only deliver training in kindergarten level corporate social skills. I don't mean to insult corporate culture, I mean to speak to the level of actual training going on in these current programs being offered.

    I don't sell mundane social skills as "seduction training". I train you and fine tune you to be able to operate on another level entirely. If I honestly thought a guy couldn't handle himself in a corporate environment I wouldn't even be training him in the first place. This is about verbal social skills that completely set you apart from the rest of the crowd, imbues you with the ability to navigate any social scene effortlessly, and meet women and take them home.

    This is the most complete training program in the dating/pickup community. There are dozens and dozens of reviews over the last decade from past students detailing the major changes they went through and the successes they had. If you want to actually BECOME better with women, have more women actually LIKE you and want to sleep with you, this is the program.

    The program consists of three months of training. We train live every week for an hour, though most of the time sessions go longer, and after session you receive personalized drills and exercises that you complete on your own daily. The training drastically improves your verbal skills within the first week.

    It Doesn't Matter Your Race, Your Background, Your Size.. This Drills-Based Training Will MASSIVELY Improve You

    Women will sleep with you if you know how to talk to them. With this training you gain: superb creativity skills, storytelling abilities, learn how to imbue comedy and humor into your speech, get powerful vocal lessons that change and enhance your speaking voice permanently, learn sexual state transference, gain world class physical and sexual escalation skills, and learn how to navigate the social environment with super effective social leadership skills.

    Most so-called "dating coaches" are only interested in taking your money and stringing you along while collecting your cash using sales tactics designed to diminish your sense of self while positioning their product as the only solution to your problems.

    This drills-based training program is the OPPOSITE of that. It is designed to massively increase your verbal skills, creativity and charisma as FAST AS POSSIBLE. Within the first coaching session you will have a noticeable increase in your skills. And this is only the beginning.

    Master All The Steps From Meeting Women To Getting Them Out Of Their Clothes

    And be GOOD at it. Better than you ever thought you were capable of. There's nothing real holding you back, this training WILL improve you massively in a very short time.