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My Dealings w/ Chinese 'Nationals', Legal Shills, & Global Socialist Intrigue

Over the last decade I’ve personally trained hundreds of students that have passed through my training program. I’ve trained men from a dozen countries and nationalities, and every le...

In science and technology, Nov 29, 2021

Uncovering The Neural Mechanics of Autism

The exact nature of sensory integration and coordination with the external physical environment represents one of the most fundamental questions of biology. Many animals are born with...

In science and technology, Feb 28, 2021

Autism: Deficient Neural Innervation of Auditory Pathway & Reflexive Synapse Post-birth

The onset of the worldwide autism epidemic has seemed a bizarre and unknowable phenomenon, existing through a wide range of symptoms and debilitating conditions in affected children. ...

In science and technology, Apr 19, 2019

patriots and politics

Sinema's Refusal to Support $15 Minimum Wage Hike Supports Small & Medium Businesses AGAINST Monopolistic Companies That Profited from Covid-19 Shutdowns

She is FOR small business and capitalism. The minimum wage hike would be a huge, insurmountable barrier to entry for most capitalist ventures starting out.

In patriots and politics, Oct 05, 2021

Lessons from Warren Buffett & Friends on How to Destroy America Through the Government

The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market’s fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety.

In patriots and politics, Oct 05, 2021

The Hidden Socialist Implications of the Facebook 'Whistleblower's' Allegations

The problem with this “whistleblower’s” allegations against Facebook is that they’re way too broad, too open to hihacking by corrupt “regulators” who just want Zuck and Chan out of th...

In patriots and politics, Oct 05, 2021

Combating the Pretty Lies of Chinese Communism

(Does anyone have Xi Jinping’s email? He’s REALLY going to need to see this)

In patriots and politics, Jul 17, 2021

Is Britney Spears the Public Face of Biden's 'Human Infrastructure' Deal?

Is she supposed to make communism an easier pill for America to swallow?

In patriots and politics, Jul 07, 2021

National Security Is Not Theater, The CIA Are Not Whistleblowers

Though it has been amusing to imagine this latest episode of political soap opera as the CIA somehow upset by the sudden upheaval of their “business model” and are now “getting back” ...

In patriots and politics, Sep 30, 2019

American Bald Eagle One

Before the world lets upWho can drink from death’s cupWhen all else seems failed, corruptFor the world’s end sped upAll defenses are struck downDanger and blood in shire townWhy are t...

In patriots and politics, Aug 20, 2019

hollywood and media

Cruella: A 'Fashionable' Study On The Nature Of Good vs. Evil

I went and saw Disney’s Cruella the other day, mostly because I was already seeing A Quiet Place II, but also because I am a fan of Emma Stone, who I knew was essential to this whole ...

In hollywood and media, Jun 07, 2021